Repairs to a SEGA SC-3000 and how to create a flashable multicart without using a donor cartridge

SEGA SC-3000 Flash Cartridge

3D Glasses, 50/60hz switch, audio and region modifications for the Sega Mega Drive II

Mega Drive II Modifications

Replacing the memory chip inside a Nintendo 64 Controller PAK with a battery-less FRAM chip

Controller PAK FRAM Mod

3D Glasses support added to the Sega Master System II with a custom circuit board

Master System II 3D Glasses

Restoring a 'not working' 'for parts' Sega Game Gear to fully working condition with new capacitors and green LED

Sega Game Gear Restoration

Replacing some blown or bulging capacitors to fix the backlight from flickering

Samsung SyncMaster 226BW Repair

Create a link cable for multiplayer Zero Tolerance on the Sega Mega Drive from two knockoff controllers

Zero Tolerance Link Cable

Modify a PAL Atari 7800 Rev C. to have composite video out. Capacitors also needed replaced as one had exploded

Atari 7800 AV Modification

Replacing a blown US Sega Saturn power supply with a picoPSU so that it will work on 240 volts

Sega Saturn PSU Replacement

AV mod for the Sega Master System 2 to get better video quality than the built in RF using a custom PCB. Also a 50/60hz mod

Master System 2 AV Mod

A comparison of the 3D Glasses adaptor for the Sega Mark III and the Sega Master System

Sega Mark III 3D Adaptor